(Both Beginners and Advanced users)

A comprehensive weekend course on medical aesthetics and Botulinum toxin trainings Upon completion of the course, all attendees will have the ability to review ideal facial proportions and accordingly understand, select and perform injectable treatments through the use of Botunlinum Toxin.

Particular attention will be given to training the eye to adequately identify problem areas and select the optimal procedure for each patient. Volunteers can be arranged by the trainees for hands-on training with a prior intimation.


Eilam to be Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons


  • Dermatologists
  1. The muscles of facial expression as well as the history, safety, side effects and possible contraindications of BOTULINUM TOXIN.
  2. The artistic aspect of facial sculpting using advanced injection techniques with BOTULINUM TOXIN.
  3. How to use BT to treat cosmetic concerns including traditional areas of treatment, such as glabella and horizontal forehead lines, as well as bunny lines, pebble chin, gummy smile, vertical lip lines, depressed smile, prominent neck bands, and lines.
  4. How to perform a non-surgical brow lift (one of the most popular patient requests)
  5. Avoidance and treatment of potential complications
  6. Available anesthetics for pain control.



A Certificate of Botulinum toxin will be awarded upon completion of the training.