Eilam to be Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons


  • Dermatologists

This platelet rich plasma trainings course is divided into theory and clinical session. Students meeting the criterias on completion will receive certification.

Course Curriculum & Objectives :

  • Platelet rich plasma theory and mechanism of action.
  • Optimal level of platelets needed for angiogenesis (studies noted)
  • Discuss pre-requisites, Indications, contraindications, equipment & preparation of PRP. Various techniques of preparation of PRP.
  • PRP as a stand-alone treatment.
  • Platelet rich plasma used in combination with Fractional Laser, MNRF, RF and high-intensity Ultrasound (deep dermal heating) devices.
  • Discussion of complementary modalities used with platelet rich plasma trainings to enhance treatments, such as micro-trauma techniques, micro-needling, photo-stimulation, oral stem cell attractants.
  • Primary focus regarding treatment protocols will be in the most popular areas requested for treatment (facial and neck aging), however, treatment protocols for scars, acne, stretch marks, hand rejuvenation, hair loss, and cellulite will be discussed.


A Certificate of PRP will be awarded upon completion of training.